standard Lars Madsen

Clinical Psychologist/Director

Dr Lars Madsen is the Director of Your Psychology Clinic. He has been working as a psychologist for 17 years and is known for his warm, caring and active approach to therapy. His genuine and profound insights have seen him work across clinical, community and custodial settings in both Australia and the UK, and even appear as a consultant on the SBS program Insight where he provided expert opinions.

Lars treats anxiety, OCD, depression, trauma, stress and adjustment disorders, sexual behaviour difficulties, anger and violence, personality disorders, sleep disorders, sexual abuse related disorders, borderline personality, self-harm issues and general behavioural issues. He has particular skill working with people who experience long-term problems relating to others. He is able to reach the core of a client’s problems quickly and guide them towards change in an empathic and respectful manner. For Lars, therapy is about enhancing the quality of life.

Lars uses Schema Therapy as his main therapeutic approach, with a strong background in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). He holds a seat on the Advisory Board at the not-for-profit Mind Shift – The National Self Esteem Initiative, and provides the psychological insight that forms the basis of their self-esteem resources.

“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. I feel that as a psychologist I can help people overcome difficulties and change if they’re willing. I believe that challenges in life are inevitable, and sometimes we have trouble coping. Talking is good, and I can help you live an authentic and genuine life, and together we can find ways to overcome your difficulties.”

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